The Place To Chat

Chat Rules

  • Respect all staff and chatters on all channels/servers

  • Flooding/DDOS/Join-Flooding is prohibited

  • DO NOT impersonate staff member (Helping users is fine, don't identify as an official staff member)

  • Unauthorized Attempts To Use /Oper Command Will Result In A removal or ban after warning

  • Disrespecting Staff Will Not Be Tolerated, You Will Be Given A Warning Followed By Being Removed From The Site

  • Threats of any sort towards staff or chatters will result in a ban from our services

  • Inappropriate nick names/chat names/room names, are subject to removal, staff member may force change your name if they desire

  • DO NOT advertise other chat sites not partnered to ThePlaceToChat, KonnectChatIRC, Pulse Chat.

  • Have Fun Chat Nice

All Partnered Networks reserve the right to remove you from there services at there discretion you may appeal it by contacting a site admin in #help or email us at